SHIELD 8.4 Is Out!


Just in Time for CFEU 2019!

The SHIELD Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 8.4.1 of the cloud-native data protection solution for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes!

Get it at GitHub

Whether you want to deploy via BOSH, Docker, or Kubernetes, get your hot-off-the-presses SHIELD release over at GitHub!

Download v8.4.1


In this latest version of SHIELD we did some serious stress-testing of the inner bits and bobs, and flushed out a bunch of oddball deadlocks that, while not likely to occur in production, are at least possible.

From the database layer to the websockets-infused message bus, things are a whole lot more stable in 8.4.1, in the face of poor network conditions, misbehaving clients, and even malicious actors!

Now With etcd Support

SHIELD can now back up your etcd key-value stores. Perfect for those Kubernetes clusters you've been meaning to backup...

Production Ready

Whether you want to protect data in your Cloud Foundry operstions deployments, Kubernetes data services, or your application workloads, SHIELD might be a good fit for you!