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If you've got questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you! We hang out on the shieldproject Slack org, which you can join for free!

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Find us on GitHub

All of the SHIELD code lives on GitHub, because we're all about Open Source. We use issues to track problems, pull requests for code changes, and releases for, well, releases.

The SHIELD Core is the source code to SHIELD itself and all of its plugins.

The best way to deploy SHIELD is via its BOSH release:

Related projects live under the shieldproject GitHub org:

Join Our Call

We're always happy for people to get involved with SHIELD and help out. We hold a monthly SHIELD Roadmap Call where you can get progress updates and participate in the conversation!

Work with us on Trello

We coordinate a loose-knit group of hackers on the Internet via our public Trello Board. Whether you want to get involved and pick up some cards, or just keep pace with the state of SHIELD, check it out!